Cast Down…not Destroyed (blog)

Since October 12, 2010, God has allowed our family to go through a very trying time of illness that eventually prevented me from continuing in the calling I love (working with college students) and interacting as much as I’d like with the people I love (students, faculty, staff, and old friends).

I cannot begin to claim daily victory over the pressures, disappointments, sense of betrayal by my closest friends, or the frequent temptation just to lie in a dark room all day and air my disappointments with God.  Though I’ve tried to walk with Him and above circumstances, I’ve failed many days.

Yesterday, however, someone introduced a line of thought that brought conviction.  He asked if I had ever thought of chronicling the good and bad to share with the thousands of Christians who suffer in multiple ways each day.  At first I hesitated, because i know my trials are lighter than man.  But then the Lord seemed to prompt me that this illness isn’t meant solely to be endured by our family, but God means it to minister to others as I lean on Him.

The blogs under this page aim to encourage fellow believers in times of hurt, challenge, and loss–especially when those conditions extend out almost to the point of losing hope in God.  Instead, let’s study the truths about our God that kept men like Job, Joseph, and Paul confident that God might allow them to be “cast down” for a space of time, but He would not allow them to be “destroyed” (2 Cor. 4:8-10)  God still has the same love and power to accomplish that same work in each of going through prolonged trial!

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