Strange Website Name

Strange Website Name

Our world is filled with “Joneses.”  In English cultures, “Jones” ranks right up there with “Smith” for most common family name.  Think about it: How often do you think the pizza place needs to ask for the spelling of “Jones?”  Believe it or not, that does happen with particularly special pizza employees, but it’s always a source of great comedy.

Beside that, I am the fourth generation in a line of Joneses that have been involved in one of North America’s largest Christian colleges, and all my predecessors (as well as my older brother, who chose another career) are named “Bob.”

So I have grown up answering to “Bob” almost as much as my own name, “Stephen;” and then to make things worse, there’s that boring old “Jones” behind it.

Over the months since I stepped down from my role as President of Bob Jones University, I have been thinking of ways to continue to minister to young people.  Blogging seemed the most natural, and it was easier when I had a blog page on the BJU website; but now I needed something else–and a name to go with it.

Someone suggested “That Stephen Jones.”  It’s meant to be entirely tongue-in cheek, not arrogant or taking for granted that anyone will care what I post here.  But I pray that some will care and some will be helped.  And if they are, it’s not due to That Stephen Jones…it’s due to a gracious God who uses redeemed sinners to encourage each other along the way.

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