Stephen Jones

Bio: Privileged to be reared in a Christian home, find a Christian wife, and have three healthy Christian children....But my faith in Christ isn't familial or cultural--it's a personal relationship with the One who died for me. Privileged to work among Christian college students, faculty, and staff at Bob Jones University, and get to know them as friends. Right now I'm waiting on the Lord to heal my body, if He wills, and God's direction for our future, whether or not healing is part of that. In the meantime, I'm working with a friend to start an antiques appraisal, sales, and design business. I Inherited my grandfather's love of architecture, antiques, gemstones, and interior design and am just trying to develop those gifts for whatever God may have in store. I pray these musings and postings will be an encouragement to many hearts, and that they will introduce many to the "God Who is There," and His Son Who died for our sins, "that where He is, we may be with Him."

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  1. Dear Brother in Christ,

    You have been on my mind and in my prayers numerous times both before and since your resignation. I hope this finds you resting in the lovingkindness of our great Savior.

    Sincerely in Him,
    Dr. Paul M. Elliott
    TeachingTheWord Ministries
    Westminster, Maryland

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