Time for a Change

When I began blogging, I wanted the content to be different from others—-aimed at advice and encouragement for college-aged Christian readers. I pray it has been a help.

As time has passed and my direct contact with college-aged young people has become more limited, my burden to help them has continued; but my burden for other things has concurrently grown, and the Lord has given me a desire to address broader topics, as well.

At the same time, a friend who helps design and host blog sites graciously offered to help. As part of the transition, we both realized that a change in title would help.

My original choice of name for this space was “ThatStephenJones.com,” and I meant it primarily to make fun of my own last name and the ease of getting lost in the crowd. But it was also possible for the name to miscommunication self-interest, which was the farthest thing from what I intended.

So, with my friend’s help, future posts will appear at a new location that’s straightforwardly based on my name: “StephenBJones.org.” I hope it will make a lot more sense and be much less likely to be misunderstood.

I’ll begin right away with a couple of new posts in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll also be moving old posts from this site to that one.

God has been doing a great deal in my heart and life, and as I begin to share some of those things, I pray that the Lord will allow the new site to bless, encourage, and help many fellow believers on their own walk with the Lord.


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