A New School Year

It’s incredibly exciting to see the students on campus for a new year. Christian students are the whole reason Bob Jones University exists, so when they flood back to campus after time away, it’s like a body coming back to life!

Many of our college peers have children who will be in the same classes with our freshman daughter or will be her “Chapel buddies” at some point during the year.

I find myself praying with renewed burden for God’s work in hearts through the Opening Evangelistic Services the next 3 nights, for Dr. Pettit and all the others who will be preaching in Chapel this semester, and for my daughter to meet numerous godly students from across the world–who will become lifetime friends serving God all across the world!

Those are some of the treasures with which God showered me at a crucial point in my Christian growth, and I pray them now for each student He has brought to BJU this year. May the Lord be pleased to give the best year ever to the students He has called here!

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  1. Thank you for the encouraging reminder to be praying for the start of the new school year! How thrilling it must be to have your own daughter there! I’m praying regularly for your family.

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